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“I honestly don’t think we can ever have too many spiritual teachers, we need to wake up the collective consciousness, I believe that’s how we change the world, one soul at a time.”

The time has come…to LAUNCH my website!!

What does that look like, I asked my husband last week. He said…wait for it…TELL people about it! If you’ve been following my journey you probably already know I have a website. If not, welcome!! I hope this is the first of many interactions we have with one another!!

So here’s the thing, I built this website back in May right after I graduated from my 200-hour yoga teacher training. Ahh, May 2020, a month filled with so much uncertainty as countries begin to slowly open their economies back up after two months of pretty much full quarantine lockdown. I thought I had plans for what my yoga teacher life was going to look like –

  1. Get a couple of classes a week at some studios around town
  2. Throw workshops once a month
  3. Start planning for yoga retreats in southern Utah next year
  4. Write a blog and share all of my amazing ideas for living and yoga

Well. The universe has got jokes! And of course not just on me, this is affecting everyone. I can’t accept this as the new normal, but at least it’s our temporary situation and that I’ve learned to adapt to just like everyone. This means looking at my work life differently, accepting that being a yoga teacher may not look like what I thought it was going to, but guess what? Nothing in my life has ever looked like I thought it was going to!

When I first quite my corporate job 4 years ago to set off on my own, I was planning to open up a coffee shop with a friend. That didn’t end up panning out, and the universe had way different plans for me to open up a digital marketing agency with my husband. This business is still operating, and we’ve started other ventures as well! All of this has allowed me the financial and scheduling freedom to work from home and invest some time and money into my yoga teaching.

So now, based on personal previous experience, I have to believe the universe has plans for this too. And they will likely look different from what I had imagined! And honestly? The universe usually has better ideas and a better plan that I do.

What Does This Look Like?

I’m not quite sure, I’m going to go with the flow and follow what’s working and what people need and want. As a business owner and entrepreneur, I know how to plan, but I also have learned when to let that plan shift and bend and tweak, and NOT freaking out when that happens. So I’ve planned things, I have plans. And if those plans shift, we will roll with it!

But in the meantime, here’s what you can expect from Becca Holmes Yoga –

Weekly Blogs

I have all kinds of stuff planned here, all the way through spring of next year: my quarantine journal (that’s already out), yoga philosophy and education (think Yamas, Niyamas, 8 limbs, etc.), my yoga story (finding yoga, practice, teaching, etc.), meditation, spirituality, healing…so much good stuff!

Weekly Yoga Classes (Live and/or Zoom and/or YouTube – depending on the world!)

Right now I teach regular community classes at Alternative Peer Group – Las Vegas, you can check the schedule here, and I’ve been teaching 2 classes per week on Zoom, schedule varies, you can check the schedule here! I will likely also begin adding classes to my YouTube channel, so you can do all the yoga whenever you like!

Monthly Workshops*

Think yummy, fulfilling, intentional yoga classes. Think meditation and journaling. Think pranayama, breathing exercises. Think sharing circles. (*For now, my workshops are lady focused, but I may open this up in the future, so stayed tuned.)


Lots of meditation, if I had it my way. Did you know that the physical yoga posture’s purpose is to prepare and still the body for meditation? Think about that next time you rest in savasana, how at ease your body is and therefore how much more freely your mind flows. I’m working on a meditation challenge and a meditation group, or workshop, or collective (I haven’t decided yet!) that will launch in the fall. Basically we learn how to meditate, then we will meditate together =)


This has turned into more of a long term goal, rather than spring 2021, maybe fall 2021. But I’ve got initial plans for 3-day yoga and meditation retreats in Southern Utah – think Zion and red rocks y’all! So stay tuned on this one…

Weekly Email

So the weekly email will tell you about all the things going on that next upcoming week. Checks out! I’ll keep my social media up to date as good as I can as well, of course, but follow me on my email list for the best, most up to date information.

All in all, I am so excited and so happy to be bringing yoga to the world. I honestly don’t think we can ever have too many spiritual teachers, we need to wake up the collective consciousness, I believe that’s how we change the world, one soul at a time. I have often gotten lost down a fiery pit of macro despair when I look at what all the other yoga teachers are doing, doing it right, better, faster, and NOW. How will I fit in? Where do I fit in this healing puzzle?

Whenever I take a step back though, and look at the world right around me, I have so many friends, family, acquaintances, coming to me for help with yoga and meditation right now. And I have seen the butterfly effect in action. I know that one soul touched by a moving meditation, or uplifted by an empowering yoga class can then go out and spread that healing joy onto others. It works. It’s infectious. It’s the way of spirit, moving through us, one at a time, one soul to another, just seeking to be better. Just seeking to be kinder. Just seeking to heal ourselves, so we can better exist with others.

And, so I have full faith and trust in this process, that if I keep showing up to my mat to practice and meditate for myself, I will have more wisdom to share with you as you explore your own healing journey on your mat.

And I’ll mess up, and change directions, and skip an email, and falter on deadlines, and change trajectory, and who knows what else! But I’m not promising perfection, because I always do that to myself and part of my healing journey is allowing myself to screw up here and do B- work =)

In conclusion, yoga and meditation have changed, saved, enlivened, created, surged, wrecked, balanced, cured, scourged, regenerated, purged, empowered…my life. So follow me on Facebook and Instagram (look down!), join my email list (look up!), contact me for class schedules.

I want you to have some of the peace I’ve found.

Let’s get some peace together!

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