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Let’s Do Some Yoga

My aim is to offer yoga is so many different ways that may serve those who are seeking, that there will no excuse not to get started!

So subscribe to my YouTube, jump on a live Zoom class, book a private session, sit in meditation with me, or come to a workshop! I’ll see you on the mat!

Featured Class

Yin yoga is a beautiful place to not only get into the tissues of the body, but also to wander in the mind as we hold postures for multiple minutes. Pause in these poses, breathe, and consider your new year intentions.

Additional Classes

Guided Meditations

Live Classes and Events

Join me for live classes on Zoom, in-person workshops, and more!

The 8 Limbs of Yoga

1. Yamas

Abstinence, Regulation. Here we practice nonviolence, truthfulness, nonstealing, nonexcess, non-greed.

2. Niyamas

Observances. Here we practice purity, contentment, self-discipline, self-study, and surrender.

3. Asana

A comfortable posture. Here we practice postures to move and purify the body to prepare it for meditation.

4. Pranayama

Breath control. This we practice to further purify the body, to focus the mind, and to study the flow of prana.

5. Pratyahara

Sense withdrawal. We practice mastering and not reacting to the sense and well as restraining from stimulation.

6. Dharana

Concentration. We begin to focus the mind by contemplating one subject such as the breath, a mantra, or a flame.

7. Dhyana

Meditation. When moments of concentration string together to create a constant flow and time seems to stand still.

8. Samadhi

Union with God. Meditation brings us to here. We are so engulfed in oneness with creation that we are unaware.

Private Instruction

Looking for a more personalized approach? I offer private instruction, so we can really dive in to your practice and all 8 limbs of yoga, if you so desire. Fill out this quick form and let’s chat!


I’m brand new…can I still do yoga?

Yes, absolutely! Yoga is for everyone, every single type of body and level of fitness. I can work with you from where you are beginning.

Will Yoga Give Me A Cardio Workout?

It absolutely can, yes! It depends on the style, but most vinyasa flow with proper ujjayi breathing will bring heat and a cardiovascular workout.

What Kind of Yoga Do You Teach?

I’ve taken trainings in ashtanga-based vinyasa, yin yoga, and trauma yoga. I was taught, and therefore I teach, the entire 8-limbed path.

What Do I Need In Order To Pratice?

A mat is ideal, but the floor will do. Some comfy, semi-tight fitting clothes. Props might be helpful for some of the yin classes. An open mind is #1!