Yoga Class – Sun A for Beginners (30 minutes)

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Sun Salutation A

Sun salutations are a foundational piece of any vinyasa yoga class, no matter what form. This class breaks down a modified version of sun salutation A. Hope you enjoy it!

Sun Salutation A – Beginner Vinyasa Class

~ 30 minutes 

Welcome to this Sun Salutation A Beginner vinyasa class! Sun As and Bs are foundational to the hatha/vinyasa yoga practice, pretty much no matter what style you’re doing. I learned these pretty early on in my yoga journey, and spent a lot of time tweaking and practicing them. They continue to evolve as my practice does!

I wanted to offer a few foundational type yoga classes as I get started with my YouTube offering, so you’ll see a few more Sun A and Sun B classes coming up!

Thanks for joining me today, I hope you get some peace today!

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