The world is a bit crazy and unpredictable right now, we can probably all agree to that. But have you considered yet that the world is always a bit crazy and unpredictable? Think about it! Even before 2020 unleashed its emotional meltdown upon us, how was your life? Do you walk around stressed out? Angry? Full of fear? No matter what is happening in the world, externally, we need to begin to look inward. To see what is inside us, keeping us from walking through like with peace and equanimity.

Holing up with our Netflix and escaping our problems isn’t working anymore. Listening to motivational podcasts and reading inspirational books without any follow-up action isn’t working anymore. Bottling it all up and complete avoidance are not working anymore!

Have you tried the yogic path? Practicing yoga, physically and ethically, has completely changed my life and I want to share some of that with you!

In this workshop we will focus on the first Yama, ahimsa. The Yamas are the backbone of the ethical principles of yoga (read more here). Ahimsa means nonviolence, which in its grosser meaner of course means not physically harming or killing other beings. We will be focusing on the subtle implications of nonviolence, turning inward. How we feel about and treat ourselves is how we truly feel about and treat others.

This workshop will open up your journey into practicing nonviolence toward the self so you can then go out into the world and live more peacefully.

Come explore the first of the yogic ethical principles, ahimsa or nonviolence, with me and a group of other ladies!

Ahimsa is often portrayed and viewed as narrowly as not causing physical harm to other beings, and while this is true, the entire concept of nonviolence goes a lot deeper than that. We must turn inward and see how we are violent and cause harm to ourselves, for how we see ourselves is inherently how we will treat others.

Join me for a 3-hour workshop where you will experience:

  • A Heart Chakra-opening yoga class
  • Guided Self-Love Meditation
  • Workshop where you will learn more about the first Yama, Ahimsa
  • Co-working journaling exercises
  • Open sharing
  • And more!

This is an all-inclusive, all accessible workshop. Don’t work if you don’t have experience with yoga or meditation. Everything is beginner level with modifications as well. My aim is to make all yoga approachable to each student. We all have different bodies, emotions, lives, needs! Therefore, the yoga should match you, not the other way around. What an amazing way to practice self-love, while we’re at it!

See you there!

9:00AM, Saturday, August 1, 2020 – 12:00PM