Week 15

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Hello dear mama, and welcome to week 15 of your pregnancy journey, and yoga practice!

Here you will find bonus content for my Week by Week Pregnancy Yoga Journal (scroll down to download it for FREE if you haven’t already!).

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Weekly Pregnancy/Baby Update

Baby is now constantly moving around in your belly. You may feel good enough to start eating healthily and start up your yoga practice again, if you haven’t already.


I am sparkling


Solar Plexus (Manipura)

Philosophy Lesson


Yoga Posture

Low Lunge – Anjaneyasana

Low lunge opens the hips, stretches the psoas, relieves lower back pain, and strengthens the core. You can use blocks and keep your hands on the mat. You can also do this in place of Warrior 1.

Recommended Yoga Class

Welcome to this power class! The solar plexus, the energy center and the center of being, focuses on strength and power. In the physical, we know you are strong – you are growing a whole human! And you will birth that baby! What’s stronger than that? And in the emotional, mental, spiritual – what’s more powerful than raising a child? This is one of the greatest challenges of our human experience, and you will power through it – I know it! This quick power flow will go through a few sun salutations and hit all three warrior postures, 1, 2, and 3. Because mama you are a WARRIOR!

*I am constantly updating recommended classes as I add more yoga classes to my YouTube library! Check back often for updates!

**Every body, woman, practice, and pregnancy is different. If the suggested class for this week does not suit you this week for any reason, please feel free to look for a different one on my YouTube channel. Trust your body and listen to your birth team!

Journal Prompts

How can you practice purity of body, mind, and spirit to invite in ? What impure thoughts are in your head? What impure practices do you want to remove from your physical health/diet? How can you purify your spirit?

Please feel free to share your responses below, so we can all help each other on this journey!


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