Shoulder Opener | 15 Minute Yoga & Meditation

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Yoga Class | 0 comments

Shoulder Opener

Get deep into the shoulders, opening them up. We are slouched over computers and phones, letting our shoulders drop forward and down, closing off our heart space. Let’s create some space and openness!

Shoulder Opener

~ 15 Minute Yoga & Meditation

Our shoulders can be very tight since they are facing forward and down quite often, typing on computers or holding phones. We need to move the shoulders up, around, and behind us for more mobility.

This quick flow will get pretty deep into the shoulders, and also invite you to open in other areas. Where else is your body tight or closed off? How about you mind or spirit? Could you be more open minded? Or more open to any pathways the universe has shown you? Let dive in together and take a look!


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