Once you create a brand new web site, it’s essential to find the best layout for it. With the United Eagle Technologies Web Site Control Panel it can be done really quickly. We’ve got for you a variety of more than 800 unique website styles available for free of cost. They are offered with all of our cloud hosting accounts and are also fully easy to customize.

The majority of the designs were created for only our services and are not available any place else beyond the Control Panel. Therefore the possibilities to locate someone else with similar theme just like you are actually decreased.

800+ No Cost Layout Templates

Fully customizable. Automated Installing

To save you time in choosing the proper overall look for your web site, we have made a number of over 800 no cost layout templates inside the United Eagle Technologies Control Panel. The styles are engineered to cover a variety of topics and necessities – you will discover styles both for private sites such as blogs or portfolios and also enterprise sites or e–shops.

All of our no cost layout templates can be found through both the Application Installer and also our Simple Web Site Installer. It means that it is possible to add the template that suits you on a new website in seconds.

Free Website Themes

No Cost Web app Layout Templates

Get no cost layout templates for your forthcoming application

Should you decide to establish a Joomla site or possibly launch a brand new Wordpress blog, we have a solution for you. With the Application Installer, it’s possible to pick a no cost layout template when establishing your web site. The intelligent system can deploy the template on your behalf and immediately after your website will go live, it’ll have the website template you’ve selected.

Our no cost layout templates aren’t confined to simply Joomla or WordPress. We also have no cost layout templates for Moodle (e–learning), Mambo (CMS) and 4Images (image gallery).

Free App Themes

No Cost Site Builder Layout Templates

100+ fully easy to customize no cost layout templates

If you’d like to develop your own site and spend less on web development, you’re able to take full advantage of our Complimentary Web Site Generator. It’s a theme–based web site constructor that needs virtually no HTML or CSS experience from you, and it’s available for 100% free with all our cloud hosting packages.

The tool incorporates more than 100 special styles, which you could totally alter to your liking. As these no cost layout templates are made only for the site builder, you can be sure that after you construct your site, it will be unique.

Free Site Builder Themes