COVID-19 Quarantine – Week 9

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Day 54…

“Gratitude always brings me back right sized when I find myself getting lost in my sea of thoughts.”

Sunday, May 10th, 2020 Mother’s Day – Day 54ish of quarantine

Phase 1 begin yesterday. Restaurants and hair salons are allowed to reopen at 50% capacity and everyone has to wear masks, etc. Kirk is going to get his haircut, but beyond that we are still going to stay home unless we have a true need to be out and about. There’s no real reason to be. It seems like plenty of people will stay in self-quarantine for as long as they possibly can, especially now that everyone is used to it. Of course, I know there are some who can’t wait for it to be over because of family issues, financial concerns, etc. Every single person seems to be having a different and unique experience with this entire situation.

I’m grateful for the experience I’ve had with yoga teacher training filling my calendar and my soul. I’ve also been blessed to have work, financial security, and safe shelter. This has been, I’m sure, way more challenging for others who have been laid off or have kids at home or an unsafe environment.

Monday, May 11th, 2020 – Day 55

The weeks are starting to blend together. It doesn’t feel exciting that we are in Phase 1 of opening everything up because there is still so much control. It will only feel normal and good I think when everything is back to the way it was before. With the freedom to do whatever, whenever. It’s funny though when I pause and think “what would I do first?” And absolutely nothing dire comes to mind.

Friends, actually. That’s what comes to mind. Friends in my backyard, swimming, sharing food, swapping stories and laughter. And not with masks or six feet apart or limited numbers. I want 50 friends in my backyard hugging and kissing and feeding each other, not a care in the world. Or at least not a care while in the presence of friends.

Thursday, May 14th, 2020 – Day 58

Hair salons and restaurants have gradually opened back up. Last night we went to the store to walk around and buy a few things and everything seemed pretty normal. At least everyone was acting pretty normal. I’m still not sure what the world holds for us. I’m not sure which businesses will thrive or fail. Who knows…

Friday, May 15th, 2020 – Day 59

It is almost been two full months of quarantine. That seems like such a long time, but also it has started to go by quickly. The first two weeks were the longest, probably because we were glued to the TV trying to figure it all out.

I stand by the fact that humans are such creatures of habit that once we got over the hump of change we settled right into our new routine. I’ve spoken to several friends who are not ready for the world open back up, especially if that means back to busy lives, schedules…busy, busy, busy. It seems that people are beginning to enjoy the slow down and appreciate what they do have.

Gratitude always brings me back right sized when I find myself getting lost in my sea of thoughts. I’m now aware that I can take a thought from yesterday and use that memories’ information to project my mind’s will on today’s future. Of course now I know that mere thoughts alone without my own action, and without the control of other people’s actions, I’ve got nothing but Becca brain fodder. Which feeds into my continuous thought-mind, which then bleeds into my spiritual, emotional, and physical states. But when I pull these thoughts back in and breathe and sink into the present moment, gratitude comes.

I am grateful. For my home. My husband. Our friendship and healthy relationship. My health. My willingness to do some things to benefit my health these days. My friends. My family. My dog. My collection of spiritual books. Quiet mornings, just me and God, drinking coffee and reading and writing. Our lantana, roses, and carpet roses that are in full bloom. My little veggie plant babies for my first garden. Our swimming pool. My yoga practice. Meditation. When I come back to gratitude, I’m launched into the present moment, the projecting thoughts, subside, and action follows.

That’s ultimately what quarantine has brought me, if I search deep. There so many surface lessons I am of course relearning, but deep inside I am grateful. I have joked with some friends and coined the terms “coronemotional” and “coronawakening” because everyone seems to be taking this time to look at something in their lives. I’ve been able to look, double check, and see that I am, and have been, on the right path. For that, I give my ultimate gratitude.

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