Thought Awareness | 10 Minute Guided Meditation

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Thought Awareness

Do you ever get lost in that running thought pattern in your head? Always talking, never silent? Before we can still the mind, we first must learn to observe it to see what it’s doing!

Thought Awareness

~ 10 Minute Guided Meditation


Pause and become aware of your thoughts with this 10 minute guided meditation (with some space for you to explore your mind on your own too!).

Have you ever noticed that there are a couple of different thought processes in your head? Have you ever found yourself fighting with or talking to…yourself?

We do not create our thoughts, our mind, our brain does that. And we are not our mind, we are…well, I believe we are our soul! Our highest self, that “thing” that makes you YOU. Take 10 minutes to sit with that higher self and begin to practice watching the thoughts go by. Once we first become aware of our thoughts, then maybe we can do something with them! For me, the best thing I can do is ignore most of them to be honest…;)


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