Ahimsa – Heart Chakra 10 Minute Guided Meditation

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Ahimsa – Nonviolence

Incorporate a little self-love, and commit to nonviolence toward the self with this 10 minute, guided meditation focusing on Ahimsa, and opening the Heart chakra.

Ahimsa Guided Meditation

Open Your Heart Chakra Through Self-Love!

When you hear the term “nonviolence” you probably think of certain political or religious leaders that have shown up prominently in history books, Instagram block quotes, and inspirational writings. Think Mahatma Gandhi, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr. All three of these lovely beings promoted peace, nonviolent activism, and equality amongst all humans (along with many other various achievements, obviously).

You may also think of peacetime in between oil wars (has that ever really happened?), or the hippies of the 60s (and today!) promoting peace, love, and unity. You may think of vegans promoting nonviolence toward animals.

But how often do you think about nonviolence and how it appears in your regular, daily life?

This meditation, which is part of my Ahimsa – Nonviolence Workshop, invites you to explore nonviolence and self-love as you explore the breath and inviting love in to the heart chakra space.

Meditation affirmations:

~ I am worthy of love.
~ I am loving to myself and others.
~ Love is in infinite abundance, and I am entitled to it.

Thank you for meditating with me today!

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