Hello dear mama, and welcome to week 8 of your pregnancy journey, and yoga practice!

Here you will find bonus content for my Week by Week Pregnancy Yoga Journal (scroll down to download it for FREE if you haven’t already!).

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Weekly Pregnancy/Baby Update

The beginnings of baby’s face are showing – yes, this early! You also may begin to see changes in your breasts, energy levels, and maybe morning sickness.


I am generous


Sacral (Svadhisthana)

Philosophy Lesson


Yoga Posture

Upavistha Konasana – Wide-legged Forward Fold

This posture stretches the inner thighs, hips, hamstrings. Try it with blocks under the arms, moving legs closer together or further apart, find what is comfortable. This posture allows plenty of room for baby!

Recommended Yoga Class

We all know how pregnancy can sneak up on you sometimes. A hormone surprise, a bout of tears, some heartburn, that exhaustion though! And how about some of the more rare occurrences – pregnancy rhinitis (no thank you!) and pregnancy carpal tunnel!? I suffered from this one friend, it’s no fun. Or you may be glowing in the bliss of your baby growing in that womb! However you are showing up today, this gentle 20 minute practice will meet you where you are! As always, do what feels good to you, leave the rest, and adapt where needed. be. Listen to your body! You and baby know best.

*I am constantly updating recommended classes as I add more yoga classes to my YouTube library! Check back often for updates!

**Every body, woman, practice, and pregnancy is different. If the suggested class for this week does not suit you this week for any reason, please feel free to look for a different one on my YouTube channel. Trust your body and listen to your birth team!

Journal Prompts

What care does your emotional self need? Maybe a good cry, journaling session, spend time with your partner or a friend? What support do you need to take care of your emotional being?

Please feel free to share your responses below, so we can all help each other on this journey!


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