Week 28

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Hello dear mama, and welcome to week 28 of your pregnancy journey, and yoga practice!

Here you will find bonus content for my Week by Week Pregnancy Yoga Journal (scroll down to download it for FREE if you haven’t already!).

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Weekly Pregnancy/Baby Update

Welcome to the third trimester! You’re on the home stretch! Into the final trimester, you will likely feel regular movement from the baby and you may experience more swelling.


I am loud


Throat (Vishuddha)

Philosophy Lesson

3rd Eye Chakra

Yoga Posture

Hero’s Pose – Virasana, Cow face arms

This posture also supports slight internal rotation of the hips, further expanding hip mobility. Focus on opening the throat space, ask for help, and the third eye, tap in to intuition.

Recommended Yoga Class

Congratulations, you are in the 3rd trimester, you are almost there!! As baby grows and grows, one unlovely symptom of 3rd trimester (or any trimester, let’s be real) is back pain. Our pelvis is beginning to widen, relaxin is loosening our tendons and ligaments, in order to allow baby to come through the pelvis. All of this loosening and widening can lead to what may feel like instability, feeling ungrounded, and lower back pain. You may also be experiencing upper back pain, as the weight of your baby, placenta, fluids – so much going on – is pulling you down and forward. Let’s take care of this, shall we? Here’s a little class for back pain relief. Also hey, go take a bath with some epsom salts. I did this almost every day in my last month!!

*I am constantly updating recommended classes as I add more yoga classes to my YouTube library! Check back often for updates!

**Every body, woman, practice, and pregnancy is different. If the suggested class for this week does not suit you this week for any reason, please feel free to look for a different one on my YouTube channel. Trust your body and listen to your birth team!

Journal Prompts

Are you able to ask for help? If not, why? How can you release your inability to ask for help so you can have the support you need, as you enter the 3rd trimester?

Please feel free to share your responses below, so we can all help each other on this journey!


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