Hello dear mama, and welcome to week 2 of your pregnancy journey, and yoga practice!

Here you will find bonus content for my Week by Week Pregnancy Yoga Journal (scroll down to download it for FREE if you haven’t already!).

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Weekly Pregnancy/Baby Update

Each month, your body prepares for fertilization by dropping one egg (sometimes more – that’s where multiples can come into play!) down the fallopian tubes toward your uterus. This journey is underway in week 2!


I am a sanctuary


Root (Muladhara)

Philosophy Lesson


Yoga Posture

Side-Savasana – Corpse Pose

Side savasana, commonly known as fetal pose, is a modification for savasana when your belly gets too heavy to support lying on your back. You will probably naturally sleep in this position as well.

Recommended Yoga Class

I hope you’re faring well on your pregnancy journey! You might be experiencing some exhaustion – and believe me, I’ve been there! Our bodies are doing SO much work, especially in those early weeks, that it can be hard to keep your eyes open. Especially if you work or are taking care of other kids! If you’ve carved out some time for you to be here – bravo! In this class, we are embracing fatigue. We are allowing our bodies to rest, to destress, to work so hard on the inside, building, and growing our little miracle. So grab some yoga props (maybe a pillow!), get into a comfy outfit, and let’s rest! Reward here – this class has a full 10 minute savasana =)

*I am constantly updating recommended classes as I add more yoga classes to my YouTube library! Check back often for updates!

**Every body, woman, practice, and pregnancy is different. If the suggested class for this week does not suit you this week for any reason, please feel free to look for a different one on my YouTube channel. Trust your body and listen to your birth team!

Journal Prompts

As your egg begins its journey toward fertilization, what negative thoughts, energies, or emotions do you need to release to allow space and welcome the baby into your womb?

Please feel free to share your responses below, so we can all help each other on this journey!


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