Week 19

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Hello dear mama, and welcome to week 19 of your pregnancy journey, and yoga practice!

Here you will find bonus content for my Week by Week Pregnancy Yoga Journal (scroll down to download it for FREE if you haven’t already!).

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Weekly Pregnancy/Baby Update

You are almost half way through! You may be seeing and feeling the growth of your baby at this point as your belly swells and your hips begin to widen.


I am moving


Solar Plexus (Manipura)

Philosophy Lesson


Yoga Posture

Reverse warrior – Viparita Virabhadrasana

We continue our journey through strength. Stand tall, while you bear down. This is a constant through pregnancy and birth. Bend into the front leg, while you stretch and open your heart space upward.

Recommended Yoga Class

Welcome to this solar plexus prenatal class – floor core practice. This core practice is SAFE for pregnancy! Yes, you can do core during pregnancy! What we want to avoid are strenuous core workouts that usually have us activating our rectus abdominis (6 pack abs) and lifting away from gravity (think crunches, boat pose, etc.). This class will work our inner abs, our transverse abdominis very gently (think poses like modified side plank, cat/cow, plank). DISCLAIMER: As always, please do what’s best for you in your pregnancy! You and your birth team are the ultimate authorities, I’m just a guide offering options. That being said, let’s do a little core, work our solar plexus energy, take some action, and set a fire within!

*I am constantly updating recommended classes as I add more yoga classes to my YouTube library! Check back often for updates!

**Every body, woman, practice, and pregnancy is different. If the suggested class for this week does not suit you this week for any reason, please feel free to look for a different one on my YouTube channel. Trust your body and listen to your birth team!

Journal Prompts

Notice if anxiety, shame, or guilt are present in your outlook on pregnancy, birth, motherhood. How can you grasp your strength as a mother to move through these emotions?

Please feel free to share your responses below, so we can all help each other on this journey!


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